Are Clear Aligners Suitable for Children?

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Clear Aligners.

The rapid rise of children with several orthodontic issues has led to an alarming concern. When it comes to orthodontic treatments, traditional braces have been a known course of treatment. However, clear aligners have also become quite popular in the span of time. Due to their effectiveness and various other intriguing features, patients now opt for a more discrete and comfortable orthodontic experience with clear aligners. In this blog, we will be discussing clear aligners and whether they are suitable for children.

Clear Aligners

Orthodontic treatments have revolutionized over time with different options for teeth straightening. Clear aligners are an alternate approach to address different teeth alignment concerns. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are known for providing a comfortable treatment. ALIGNERCO clear aligners are made of plastic that is fixed over your teeth to exert the required pressure. The amazing features of clear aligners include their invisibility, removable nature, and a treatment that doesn’t harm your oral health. Clear aligners can used for any of the following dental issues.

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Overjet

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The best age for Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are known for effective orthodontic treatment. However, when it comes to children, orthodontic specialists usually do not recommend to children under the age of 10. Children who have developed permanent teeth are advised for a clear aligner treatment. Children who do not have permanent teeth are preferred to wait until their baby teeth fall out. The approximate age for baby teeth fallout is usually 12. Different dental concerns are expected to get fixed with the permanent teeth which is why clear aligners for baby teeth are not advised.

Advantages of Clear Aligners for Children

Clear Aligners is the best option for people who want to get their teeth straightened without compromising their appearance. They do not contain any of the metal brackets or wires which makes it an easy approach for orthodontic treatments. You can also remove your aligners while having your meals. However, due to their removable nature, clear aligners require more discipline, and if not used properly the treatment might get compromised. Children who look forward to clear aligner treatment can have different advantages.

With clear aligners, children do not have to undergo the discomfort and pain that is often experienced with orthodontic treatment of traditional braces. For their invisibility, clear aligners can be worn anywhere at any time without being noticed. Children can get their treatment without compromising their appearance. Unlike traditional braces, you can ensure your oral hygiene with regular brushing by removing your aligners. You can also enjoy your meals easily by removing your aligners.

Disadvantages of Clear Aligners for Children

The usual treatment requirement for clear aligners is that they are worn 22 hours per day. Children who do not follow that will not get the desired results within the given treatment duration. Moreover, clear aligners must be well-cleaned and stored when not worn. Children and teens are known for being careless which could lead to disturbance in the treatment. A slight lack in the storage and cleanliness of aligners can compromise the overall hygiene of children. A common issue that arises in children with clear aligners is that the aligners are either lost or broken.

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To sum up, clear aligners are an effective course of treatment for teeth straightening. However, when it comes to children, your orthodontist might not recommend a clear aligner therapy if you still have baby teeth. You can only opt for clear aligners once you get your permanent teeth. Clear aligners offer several benefits which is why it has become a popular choice among teens, children, and even adults.


Are clear aligners an effective approach for teeth gaps?

Yes, clear aligners are known for treating different orthodontic treatments including teeth gaps. Aligners will exert mild pressure on your teeth to fill up the gaps.

2. Can children opt for clear aligners?

Children who have developed permanent teeth can opt for clear aligner treatment upon the dentist’s recommendation.

3. When can one get clear aligners?

Once you have reached a certain age where all your baby teeth have fallen out you can seek orthodontic help to address your concerns and can get aligners for treatment.

4. What are the benefits of clear aligners?

Clear aligners are invisible, removable, and a comfortable approach for teeth alignment procedures.

5.How to fix teeth alignment?

Clear aligners by ALIGNERCO can help you fix your teeth alignment and get the smile of your dreams.