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Was very excited for this entire process!

After I sent the molds in, it took a few weeks to make all my retainers. As soon as I got them, I popped the first set in. Was expecting them to be more painful. Then I took them off and realized that some of my teeth were a little sore. It was working! The soreness would last for 1-3 days. It’s expected, your moving your teeth! I was excited for every time I changed my retainers, I step closer to straight teeth! I’m on my final retainers which you wear for 6 months. I have 2 more to go. My teeth look great and my bite feels good!

Jessi Dullinger

Alignerco brought back confidence in my smile!

Alignerco did NOT fail my expectations! They were the cheapest out of all aligner companies I’ve researched and were always engaged with you along the way during the entirety of your treatment process! They would consistently check in on you too to see if you were doing well and were very accommodating to any issues that arose. Furthermore, if you have trouble with making your teeth impressions in the pre-treatment process, a specialist can assist you through it as well. I had a very huge gap in my front upper arch and in just a mere 7 months, it is totally gone – I am more confident looking at myself, taking pictures, and smiling!

Sharon Huang

Love my aligners

Great progress and I can not express enough how my smile had changed. I want to smile and I have confidence. Yeah aligners can be tight and make your mouth sore at first, but it is totally worth it to breathe and eat better. I do wish their retainers were more resilient to fatigue but I would redo it all over again if I had to in order to get the same results again.

Ash Amendola

I very much enjoyed using this brand

very much enjoyed using this brand! They were very affordable and always responded to me within 24 hours of reaching out. I never had to leave my home, making the process very easy!

Andi Franklin

Simple and Easy

The process was very easy and convenient for me. The customer service was top notch with answering all of my questions throughout the program. I recommend this to anybody who wants to have their teeth straightened.

Brian Rhoades

Would recommend

The customer service is great and the product is safe and you can see the results!

Lisa Ann

Great results and price

It was suspiciously cheap, but the end result was fantastic. The customer service was fantastic, and I love my new smile now!

Minh Lam

Really glad I decided to go with…

Really glad I decided to go with AlignerCo over any other company. It was extremely convenient and quite affordable!

Absolutely love Ele and the crew!

If you are considering fixing your smile, go with AlignerCo! I’m glad I did.

Brett Royal Hartong

Great aligners for a low price

I was looking for teeth aligners and found Alignerco after doing some searching. They are very cost effective compared to others. My impression kit worked well and they sent me a 3D digital model of how my teeth would be after each treatment step. The aligners are great and so far I haven’t experienced any adverse side effects. Customer service is great, they keep in touch with me to see how the progress is going on a regular basis.

Viraj Patel

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