Clear Aligners and Bruxism: Can They Help Prevent Teeth Grinding?

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A girl grinding her teeth while sleeping

A smile plays a keen role in leaving a lasting impression and showing gratitude. Having a perfect smile is a dream for everyone. But, not everyone has perfectly aligned teeth. Not having the smile of your dreams could lower your confidence and hinder you from smiling more often. However, a perfectly aligned smile can be achieved by anyone with the help of different orthodontic treatments. Clear aligners are amongst the most effective ways to fix your malocclusions and get the smile you have always wanted. Clear aligners offer numerous benefits making the treatment smooth and comfortable. In this blog, readers can get a thorough understanding of bruxism and whether clear aligners have any impact on teeth grinding.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a revolutionized method of getting your teeth straightened. These are invisible trays that are customized according to each patient’s requirements. They have become a popular choice among individuals because of their invisible and removable features. Orthodontic patients often had concerns about compromising their physical appearance with traditional braces due to the presence of metallic brackets and wires. Whereas, clear aligners do not contain such additional external objects which has made it a steady option for orthodontic treatment.

Understanding Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism is a medical term used for a condition in which people start to grind or clench their teeth in their sleep. The causes of Bruxism include stress, misaligned teeth, sleep problems, and certain other lifestyle factors. It can then further cause various dental issues including enamel erosion, tooth sensitivity, or jaw pains. In addition to the dental issues caused by bruxism, people might also experience headaches, stress, or even anxiety. However, it can be addressed by simply adding mouthguards to the routine.

Impact of Clear Aligners on Teeth Grinding

When patients opt for orthodontic treatments like clear aligners, concerns arise about whether aligners could worsen teeth grinding or cause any negative impact on the treatment. Clear aligners are plastic trays that fit your teeth to bring about a desirable change by moving them. They exert mild to moderate pressure which helps in shifting teeth. Bruxism appears to occur during sleep and clear aligners are not intended to address teeth grinding. However, in some patients, it has been observed that wearing aligners has minimized teeth grinding. The following could be the potential reasons for alleviated teeth grinding in patients with clear aligners.

Wear and tear protection

Clear aligners are plastic trays worn on both the upper and lower arch. Aligners could act as a barrier and lower the chances of wear and tear caused by teeth grinding.

Aligned Jaw

Clear aligners help in teeth alignment and bring teeth to a position that doesn’t cause strain on the jaws anymore. Reduced strain on the temporomandibular joints could help in bruxism and related issues.

To conclude, clear aligners are not designed to combat bruxism or related issues. However, by wearing clear aligners patients might alleviate it. Whereas, to address bruxism you might need to consult your orthodontist and they might recommend orthodontic devices like a night guard to protect your teeth and aligners from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can aligners stop teeth grinding?

Aligners act as a barrier between upper and lower arches which may lessen teeth grinding.

2. Can we wear clear aligners with teeth grinding?

If you have teeth grinding issues you can still get a clear aligner treatment for teeth alignment.

3. Can clear aligners correct teeth misalignment caused due to bruxism?

Clear aligners are designed to treat teeth misalignment caused by many factors including bruxism.

4. Is there any impact on the effectiveness of clear aligners by bruxism?

Bruxism does not have any such effect on the clear aligner treatment. However, excessive clenching or teeth grinding might damage aligners at some point.

5. Does wearing clear aligners aggravate teeth grinding?

No, clear aligners do not aggravate teeth grinding or clenching. However, in some cases, aligners might alleviate teeth grinding.